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We focus on mature and attractive Private Markets in Europe and North America. Initially, we developed our expertise in Europe, where we have successfully invested for decades. As a result, we have significant on-the-ground operations and a comprehensive understanding of Europe’s diverse markets.

Importantly, we now have a strong relationship network across all of our markets. Through these networks we can access attractive investment opportunities that are unavailable to most investors.

As a conviction investor, we leverage a combination of bottom-up (Private Market) and top-down (macro opportunity) knowledge. Our capabilities focus around the following key investment strategies:

As a leading European primary fund investor, we invest across the economic cycle. Our capacity, reputation and capability provide access to a broad spectrum of funds, from niche, lower-middle market to large-cap opportunities. We target influential positions on advisory boards and are an important partner for private equity fund managers.

Secondaries acquisition is a core strategy. We have extensive experience sourcing, analysing and executing secondary transactions within illiquid asset classes including private equity funds, secondary funds, fund of funds and infrastructure funds.

We invest alongside our primary fund managers to offer additional equity through co-investment.With 58 deals completed in Europe and almost €1.3 billion invested (as at 31 December 2016)* alongside leading private equity funds, we are a trusted partner in a wide range of direct equity investments. Our dedicated funds and experienced direct investment team provides a strong platform to undertake the extensive due diligence required to invest capital across geographies and sectors.

We target long-term direct investment in core infrastructure assets in the UK and Northern Europe. Our focus is on delivering an attractive current yield as well as capital growth from low-risk, infrastructure assets. To achieve this, our dedicated team leads investments and works in partnership with other infrastructure investors and institutions.

Leveraging our knowledge in infrastructure, we commit significant capital into European-focused infrastructure secondary transactions. Acquiring positions in leading funds, we seek to unlock significant value through our market insights and detailed knowledge of underlying infrastructure assets.

Following the acquisition of Ignis Asset Management by Standard Life Investments in 2014, we increased our capabilities and expertise in private credit. Our strategic credit team has a strong track record, having invested in credit opportunities for over 15 years. We focus on high-conviction strategic rotation across themes based on current and prospective market situations.

As banks reduced lending following the global financial crisis, private debt has become an increasingly common way for mid-market companies to raise capital. Institutional investors have filled the gap left by banks, attracted by the potential for attractive returns and low correlation with other asset classes. At SL Capital, we have developed a private debt offering that focuses on speed, flexibility and long-term partnerships. Our longstanding track record within private equity provides a competitive advantage in sourcing the best deals. In addition, our rigorous investment process and experienced private debt team gives assurance for clients that we are constantly working towards delivering the best possible outcomes.

We launched the Standard Life Private Equity Trust plc (“SLPET”) on the London Stock Exchange in 2001. The trust aims to achieve long-term total returns through a diversified portfolio of private equity funds, a majority of which will have a European focus. We maintain a broadly diversified portfolio of 35-40 active investments sourced through both primary fund commitments and secondary opportunities.

*The exchange rate on this day was £1=€1.126540

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