Standard Life Investments

Working in partnership

At SL Capital, we focus on building close relationships with our clients and providing creative solutions that meet their strategic investment goals. As a trusted partner to leading investment groups and advisors, we can access a variety of opportunities, while our continual market mapping and dedicated team give us the insights to drive performance. Importantly, we truly work in partnership with our clients, committing our own capital to every investment and sharing in positive long-term performance.

We aim to deliver solutions for our clients based on their specific needs and feedback.

By working in partnership with clients, we can build creative and unique investment solutions.

Our solutions are cost effective, with competitive, NAV based fee structures that ensure clients only pay for capital at work.

Extensive and rigorous market mapping, allied to on-the-ground networking, informs portfolio construction and investment selection.

We can provide regular, interactive and investor-friendly advisory boards that help build deep relationships with clients.

We make personal financial commitments to every product, closely aligning our needs with those of our clients.

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