SL Capital Partners

We specialise in private equity, which is a broad term for any investment in unlisted securities. We offer private equity investment through fund of funds limited partnerships, bespoke arrangements and retail products. Our clients range from leading institutional investors in the UK, US, Canada and Europe, to family offices and high net worth individuals globally. We have raised and manage a total of approximately €9.4 billion* in private equity assets from clients from 24 different countries.


We have raised approximately €9.4 billion* in private equity assets for investment in Europe and North America.

In Europe, this consists of limited partnerships such as the European Strategic Partners vehicles, ESP, ESP II, ESP 2004, ESP 2006 and ESP 2008. It also includes a listed fund called the Standard Life European Private Equity Trust.

The opportunity

At SL Capital Partners, we aim to maximise capital growth over time, using a blend of the key components of our business to deliver leading investment returns for our clients.